Check this out…
Turn on your speakers..after a really long time..something i much that i watched it again and again! Great concept, hits bang on…and cool music! Apparently called viral marketing…They should have more of these!
So I’ve been busy…So many things keeping me occupied..ok not so many but the few that are there are a handful…
I would be lying if I’d say that I haven’t changed and its been more than a yr since I’ve been blogging..since mid 2005. Eeks i sound like I’m writing a farewell entry. (Too affected by nikhil’s I-am-back-to-blogging
Quite a lot of things I’m looking forward to..quite a lot of things I have to do..Its like last year was some lull…of frustration and confusion..which hasn’t completed faded away (it never can)..I’m sure there’s going to be depression somewhere after a while..maybe in a few months or maybe by the year end or maybe it might drop in like a bomb sometime anyday (you can’t be totally happy and totally lucky)…so not that I’m looking forward to that but i sure do keep that in mind. Depression is a highly romantic phase. Nobody said romance has to be nice. You can go down to depths of sorrow and actually manage to stay there..make it even worse and blah blah 😀
We all carry somethings in our heart, we all …WHY am i talking like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok supriya you don’t have to get so nostalgic and preachy about nothing!!
But this is your blog? You can be anything you want to here, can’t you?
Hmmm true, but preachy and you, why can’t you like shut up sometimes and listen?? you’re preachy-you talk so much, don’t let anyone else talk. Overbearing woman.
Yes but thats how I am!! I can’t seem to be able to shut up. I know I should think and talk, I must talk smart, apparently silent people are considered the smartest! But me me me me..I can’t shut up. Its such a disease!
See, even something that can be summed up in one line takes an entire paragrapgh for you to explain!
Ok fine. I said I’ll try to listen. And try to shut up.TRY.  But if I can’t…I will talk. Hmphhh

11 thoughts on “talkathon

  1. "slipped me mind tht ppl not only generally but even the ones u live with just need any reason to fight"
    Oooh yah I am in one of them right now poor me >_<
    LOL u talk to your self….. God I found some one tell me u talk to your self  right ? plllllz I don’t want to be the only one ^_^
    Lol and yah don’t stop talking ^_^ u r great at it
    tc and have fun

  2. looks like we have more than confusion in common eh?
    why don we gang up and beat the shit out of those who say we talk much?
    btw, wouldn\’t tat "those" be we, ourselves 😛

  3. Hi Bittersweet   …Nice name btw….
    Dont wait for depression    plzzzzzzzz.. stay happy  and do funny things….
    and talking to urself   ??? well   ppl who are very wise do that……LOL   so Congratz……
    njoy ur day   and alotof love

  4. a. you dont have to listen if you dont want to. ir is overrated. if u listen too much, people think you have nothing to say, so watch out for tht trap.
    b. You can preach as much as u want. i would always want to hear and try it.
    c. the commercial is super, makes me regret switching to hutch, i was brand loyal to Airtel for almost 4 years. *sigh* things you do for love i tellya……….
    d. Bob Sinclair is awesome.
    e. And no, romance is not happy all the time. its tedious, requires a lot of work, but i guess its worth it in the end.
    f. watch THE HOLIDAY, its an awesome chick-flick, one tht will make ur toes curl up and give u a surge of female power.

  5. Viking is right. About that RJ part I mean.
    I don\’t think you\’d do yourself or the people around anything good by keeping quiet.
    Dude, what reaction do you want? 😛
    You don\’t want them to ask "Hey what is wrong with Sups?" right?

  6. I think free to talks it\’s good for you healthy way of life a longas you don\’t hurt other people feeling?
    it not so long ago in my entries to said I better think hard on your head before open your big mouse ha ha
    we just blogging day by day thing for fun to write about stories that you need to relax more Bittersweet!
    Please keep talking I will come to listen to you D=!
    Have a wonderful valentine\’s day with your loved ones,

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