Well I do have so much to write about…Especially why our country is still stuck in some places. This could have been a true -blue- rang de basanti- what -is -wrong- with- this- system -styled -confused- angry -questioning- analysing -narrative entry..
*take a deeep breath*
Anger Management. My new Passion. Senseless passion. But I will refrain from lashing out my anger (Ok Ok fine I have already done that and now typing it out again ….might just make me exaggerate :P)
a) the education system in this country is bad.
b) it is very bad.
c) it is horrible.
Then why is it that geeks from here become multimillionaires there. Worse every top company has an Indian at a high position.
Brilliant Now I seem to be debating with myself.
No but seriously, everything from government schools to top shot institutes have lost their heads.
Do we Indians need to be smart with studies or smart with extra curriculars?
Americans are dumb with studies, but they are encouraged to be good at Social Communication/Marketing blah.
Does that work?
Do we need to be like that? How do the French study?
fUck i just bit my lip. argh.
Does it matter where u study? Do studies matter?
No No am perfectly alright ppl dont worry…Not having mood swings..or tempers or frustrations..okok bit of frustrations..thats allowed right? 😀

14 thoughts on “contradiction.

  1. ^_^ LOL
    This problem seems to be every where coz I think that education here is terrible too coz
    U study something without knowing why they just give you what they want and if you dear ask about the big picture or about a specific things about the Course
    either ways you are dead teachers and students just want to go home after the lectures they want to finish as soon as possible even if they don’t get what they are studying I want to go home too but I need to understand first don’t I ?
    And they give you stupid things to study and you hate them but you say ok I am definitely going to need to understand them coz I am going to work and I have to be prepared well surprise when you are done with all this rubbish you find that you are going to work in another field ? Weird right ???

  2. everyone underestimates india… to quote shashi tharoor, "india is not a developing is a country in its advanced stage of decay" 100 crore people call india their home, so obviously every kind of extremity dwells here. thats why our education system is symbolised by the super iim style bschools to the barely functional government schools. india has very stupid people and very very smart people as well… thats the reason why you find lnms in this world as well as people who cant even claim to own a set of clothes and of course destiny has a lot to do with it as well…
    and copying people who are currently doing well in life is so not the answer to any problem. it doesnt matter how the americans or the french study. what matters is that you stick to what u believe

  3. @ACIDclap clap!!! wah kya ishtyle hai!!amrus may not be gud at studies but they are street smart.. tats why they are the CEOs (many of them) (refer to Wikipedia\’s Millionaires)they know how to "do things" and "get things done".

  4. pathetic…sometiems its all so depressing but I guess that\’s the way things keep going!
     u stay focussed on wht u have at hand.

  5. I love you for all this crap 😀
    cuz\’ I miss out on a lot of it! :p
    nothing nothing nothing matters.. whoever tell u it does, give him one thappad (Acid style) :p

  6. When there are no all night cram inducing examinations and more freedom to actually study and understand something then I will definitely join a course of study again and hopefully learn something useful 🙂
    btw…do you copy?

  7. That will go, don\’t worry. The result of a special interest in anger management is another serious outburst… and you\’re back to your own self! I tell you. 😛
    About education… wanna come here and try? Are you prepared for so called \’extreme conditions\’? 😛

  8. firstly, i hate our education system as well BUT never compare us to americans, we\’re far better, thing is they study extra curricular activities…we live our extra curricular activities, we have a better survival instinct and thats why some indians are head of mnc\’s … dont do that again….these firangi\’s claim they dont study books but they live as if life is a book and all the answers are already written….and since ur pissed off, here\’s ( something  to cheer u up

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