So we are back

When you hear people around you talking like-bolneka hai/ karneka hai
You are in Bombay.
When your cab fares reach rocketing heights, for what didnt seem like too much of a distance.
You are in Bombay.
When everybody is chasing time but never on time.
Hahaha do i need to waste time repeating?
Where pani puri might as well be staple food…
Where Amitabh Bachchan’s bunglow and RK studio’s end up being landmarks…
Where the sheer volume of space,area and city life is overwhelming…
Where the roads are never ending..
Where the beach lies at one end, the hills at the other..
The so called land of dreams, lapping up every stranger, every achiever, every wistful traveller, every cynic, every idiot…
Moving millions, making millions…

14 thoughts on “So we are back

  1. Bombay meri jaan!!
    Khair…not meri jaan..cuz I\’ve just been there like once and that too I went to Sahara City Lonavala and that too for a day.
    So, did the pani puri make u fat??

  2. Hello there
    I miss being here
    But !! I am not supposed to understand this post right!!!
    Or is it just another thing that this Final project is doing to me
    Aaaah I am not even sure if I like doing it or not I kind enjoy it some times and some times I just want to finish it
    Any way about me updating ammmm don’t see it coming soon or maybe it will coz I kind don’t know any thing now a days
    LOL I am losing it ^_^ and in your space
    Sorry any way I wrote something but not sure if it is worth reading or not I will send it to your e -mail … I think !
    Ok cu and Tc

  3. apan tereko bugsbunny nahi bulaya tha.. tere woh ankhe hai ya matar?? achar tho apan ko bananeka hi hai.. tere space ka.. bhai ka opposite behen hai kya?? :Plol reminds of mum-bhai by javed jaffri!!anyway we get hot water dear… its the temp of the room i am talking about!! 😛

  4. Hello there
    Didn\’t you reactive my e- mail?? I sent it at your yahoo
    BTW u r going to find a lot of spelling mistakes" like since" and I think some grammar" I always drop the s ^_^ "sorry I was out of my mind when I sent it
    Let me know if you received it And yah ^_^ I know Amitabh Bachchan he is a good actor

  5. ..oh & yes, i had a school near Amitabh Bachchan\’s bungalow as the center 4my yes, i got directions lik "arrey, woh waala school, Jalsa ke baaju mein.." 😀

  6. u got the city…bang on…they saw mumbai kinda grows upon u……i never believed it…till i experienced it…abhi main chalti…apun ko jaane ka hai

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