Sometimes we overlook..

She’s there always. Running around, mostly for us. For our abode, what we call home. Catching a random K-saga in the middle. Teaching the same things endlessly maybe. Taking us shopping, or helping us with our projects. Deciding on what one of us would want to eat. Putting up with our tantrums. Maybe scolding us a bit of talking too much on the phone. Maybe being extra nice, tolerating. Maybe compromising. Leaving her novel aside, being on time, pushing us around-so that we meet our goals.
Either we are horrible kids, or she is way too nice.
Maybe she has her dreams, unfulfilled. Her friends, her family. Her ideas, her personal goals-maybe blended into ours. A vacation or two, an outing once a week, shopping to make her happy, some jewellery to bring that smile? Jokes to make her laugh, news to keep her going…somethings incomplete, somethings never imagined. Living this life, contemplating the past, not worrying about herself.
Is she happy?

13 thoughts on “Sometimes we overlook..

  1. Paapey!!! ur space got a makeover!! fattteyyyy!!
    Yes, you writing fiction too? very naaice! heck, this makes me think about some people..

  2. eh… yeh to ma ka din pe likh na tha… abhi tho sirf.. kya bolte hai.. ladki?? na.. aurat?? nai…. arre goli mar.. women\’s din?? :Pok now it\’s gone too far.. guys?? is it? they can\’t handle love.. is it? ah.. god knows!

  3. giving too much can be sometimes unfulfilling. just to be remembered on some days is sad. i wonder if there is any change awaited?

  4. we certainly overlook the mother,life giver in our lives..take her too much for granted..
    so let us begin nw and connect with our respective mums..hwz that?

  5. certainly she is.. certainly.. 🙂 or may be partially but when her kids are all good running around all happpY , she is definitely happy yaar!
    🙂 hows u SupOO?

  6. I did ^_^
    I am glad you liked it ^_^
    About what you have here sooooo true I have to tell you this I love your style one writing ^_^ the craze part the emotional part the I don’t know what I should do part the philosophic part I just love it

  7. More reason for kids to take care of and do stuff that pleases their parents, at least sometimes, before they go back to being kids 🙂

  8. I think sometime over doing for children but if the other way around and a bit sad though all mother were doing too much for their
    children…I think that\’s natual for most of mother\’s to do it? if children were happy and their mother will be happier too and their families.
    Happy commonwealth Friendship day to you and have a great weekend,

  9. u know i actually won\’t protest about wat u said. but seriously, is it just about us?i mean… am talking about sensibilities here.. i have seen successful relations (wait… when was tat???) but wat abt the majority of \’em breaking down? i feel there is a slight majority of cases where women are culprit. they give so much importance to L.O.V.E, (ok relax.. am talking about a particular statistic group.. chill) that they go virtually blind to other aspects of a relationship. my case might be slightly different, but i ll let u know about that later.there are rotten apples on both the sides. period.

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