What if I dont get to do this again?

What if we live our life by this one single line?
When will i get a chance to do this again?
What if i dont get to do this again?
When will i ever do this again?
On the contrary, you may ask yourself…
So what if I can’t do this, I’ll do something else yea?
If you dont get to do this now, you do get to do it later dont ya?
Life is all about taking the chances or is it about going step by step? Many would say its a combination of both. Many would just side with one of the two…I’m sure it works for people according to their tempraments and personalities.
Now here’s the question- I dont know what part of it is suited for me! Probably a combination..but then I always wonder what it would be like on one of the sides. Sometimes I think I’m too much of a step by step person. In the end for many its good..it works..it lasts.
Sigh. I’m trying to convince myself.
*Comfort food..where are youu*

6 thoughts on “What if I dont get to do this again?

  1. Even if you are a step by step is there a need to change?
    I don\’t know why is the world always seeking to change us to something we are not.

  2. Maybe just try to make the life most suitable for u? Take what it gives u and give what u can back? Life cannot be a simple and predictable issue, it is like a box of chocolates, like Forest Gump said, u will never know what u choose….
    I guess the best thing is to appreciate life and its steos or chances the way theu are and enjoy them aslong as we are stll on earth….
    have a nice weekend,

  3. so what do i have here .. i have chocolate ice cream in front of me .. with nuts .. and a brownie .. and what else .. maybe a little bit of mangoes to top it up … hmmm
    yummy food .. it is here .. ! hahaha

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