I wonder too much

How do you think Beyond? How can you make yourself educated/knowledgeable about everything? Is it needed? Where does it all start and where does it all end?
Thou shall not talk shit.

Soon my life will change..a new destination and all that jazz…Right now I’m kinda wondering how I’m going to handle it all..cause I’ve never been away from home..I’m not like scared or anything and neither am i thiking that I’ll be lonely and blah blah. I guess its finally going to be the time when I can take charge of myself..Tips are welcome from every random visitor. I hope it’ll be good, yes I do know its not going to be easy..but I’m up for the challenge cuz am eager to learn living on my own..Ofcourse there’s a lot of it which I will only realise once im there …small things and big things (which this blog is surely gonna witness…hmm)
Kinda waiting for the action to begin..wonder if i’ll change much. I wonder too much. 🙂

5 thoughts on “I wonder too much

  1. Going  abroad?Sniff! Ok.Jitender Saan- I need immigration sponsorship- darkspace … where truth is revealed (well, sometimes)- Television Addiction

  2. 1. Don\’t sleep till late now that u won\’t have anybody to nag u to get up. Once u get used to it, u ll be damned.2. Find good room-mates/house-mates3. Find equally good landlord (applicable if staying off-campus)4. Learn cooking5. Manage your budgetRest later…P.S. i have listed all the things i don\’t do right now 😛

  3. wondering is what intelligent minds did and see we have all sorta laws n theorems in calculus n physics n bla bla! anyways… sounds as if u r gona start a new job – the first one of ur life- and u r just wondering.. no prob in tht.. at all!
    hmm.. –
    -: u MUST be thick skinned ( if u knw what i mean)  and dont bother what ppl say about u r think of u, its not imp, ur contentment is vry imp!
    -: never give up. life may seem a huge mess at tis but its JUST a temporary phase NOT forvever.
    -: eat well. dont let urself get deprived of food!
    -: and as viking said, keep a track of ur expenses! ( damn imp!)
    -: indulge in something which u already do (ie photography! 🙂 )
    -: be happy.
    -: have some inspirational posters in ur new residential place or home or hostel. its good. 🙂
    lastly, but definitely not the least, all the best SupOO! 🙂 i really hope u\’ll setlle in well if u moving away frm home as u already mentioned in ur blog.. so 🙂
    see u!
    Ipsiiiieeeee!!  ( lol .. heheheh… !! )

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