12.34 am
feels…better 🙂

13 thoughts on “21

  1. Hiiiiiiii
    Ok let me see if I got this right you are 21 years old right!!? The 21 refer to your age if sooooo
    Welcome to the age 21 ^_^
    It is even more confusing to be 21 ….
    And if it is your birthday then
    @#^^&* HaPpy Birthday *&^^#@
    Wish you all the happiness …..
    ^_^ HAVE FUN ^_^
    p.s if I misunderstood the post for some reason plz pretend that you just read hiiii and have fun ok! ^_^

  2. Holy Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How cud i forget?????? may all da shame of all da worlds descend upon me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 coooookiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………happpy buuuuddaaaaaayyyyy tooooo uuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um soo sorrry i forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crap and double crap and holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!1 please forgive me!!!!!!

  3. when you cross the 21…you are done..:p
    i just wanted to rhyme….;) anwyays since i alrady wished you a bday i dont have to again…and no this commentdoesnt mean i updated…
    i was just in the neighbourhood so thought i would check up on the neighbours..;)

  4. was this the last entry?? or am i imagining there was another one which u deleted cos u din like the way it was put out or you thought u it was silly enough to be deleted??ok.. enough.. i must SLEEP now.. sheeesssshh these dreams.. give \’em a li\’l chance and they creep into ur day!!

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