We all grow up but sometimes we dont.

Firstly..thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.
I visit my blog everyday, having intentions to write up something quickly each time..I am busy but not very busy..just occupied with too many things I guess. Don’t like it when my blog takes a back seat…but this blog is like that highly understanding friend who just stays there, visible..present…always there..never complaining..*sigh*
Dear Blog–will you marry me?
On second thoughts, no I take back the offer, there’s no conflict u know..!! Whatever conflict there is..is within me!
I think its one of those never ending situations buried in your heart. You are still..forever..despite everything staying in conflict with your heart…
You can never really know if you made the right decision. Just go with the fucking flow.
Current Conflicts in my heart
  • Are parents always right? And if they think they are right will it be alright?
  • People being nice is a very scary concept.
  • Take all emotions. Mix them with some more confusion. Voila! We just found love.
  • Making your own decisions is something to be proud of, but what if it all backfires?
  • Laziness is just a greasy dusty mental condition, like a car that hasn’t been used for years. It needs a kickstart or else it’ll rust forever.
  • Ok the car example was wrong.
  • Fat is like Air. It just enters your system somehow!!!

So now you have 10,000 things to think about while i try to cut a watermelon n stare at this mehendi on my hands wondering why i asked for a simple design!!


11 thoughts on “We all grow up but sometimes we dont.

  1. I second DIP-ped… i think u r trying to avoid this conversation but am sure… therez somethin/someone in ur mind!! lol!!! sups!!! come on.. let us all help u! :Pthe last line is indeed silly. now read more on it.and btw,* parents are not right (at least not always!) if they were, half of us wouldn\’t be alive* yes, it\’s time to consider that they are just putting with u :D* love is not just a two-component mixture, there are more, if u want 2 know ask our in-house chef Ms.Acid* Laziness is the root of all things wonderful ;)* so is laziness* ok i know i don\’t make sense 😛

  2. oh i get it. btw i forgot to add, mehendi… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSS!!!!!!!get away u painted-hands-imposter-bugs!!!! loly hassing? aisa kya boldiya?

  3. and it\’s almost impossible to deflate it….the fat:(:(:(mehendi…don\’t care abt the design….keep taking it\’s fragrance in

  4. Hi Hi ^_^ how r u
    *No but most of the time they are somehow right
    * No it is not scary ammm wait a second ammmm maybe it will be scary coz you will wonder why and what I did to deserve it and are they expecting something from me  so on well you got a point there
    *ammmm don’t know about that I was just wandering today is love like loving your mother and father and sister and brother and friends if it is all the same then I know what love is aaaaaaaaah if nor well I don’t
    *then you should also be proud coz you tried!
    *I got you and I agree and I need a kickstart
    * yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you are right I hate FAT
    p.s I am not suppose to be here I have a midterm on Saturday “Networking” + my Dr is waiting for my Final project report introduction… is not life Good or what

  5. am fine.. yaar! 🙂 chuttiyaan shuru hone waali hain, aur yahaan blogsphere mein sabko jhelaane ka time bhi aa raha hai in chuttiyon mein! lol.. hehe!
    chalo, aur batao? hows u SupOO? 🙂
    chalo, see u!

  6. hey, belated Yappy Budday! uve been writing sum stuff tat is makin me bloody THINK!! like pensive/reflective think..
    ..umm id wish fat were like air..i jus dun get fat! im underweight..ugh..
    okbye..Yappy Budday belated!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  7. i hate fat..i detest it..
    hey sup wht\’s this thing called love?? are u in the grip??common text me abt it..hey its lovely if it is!!

  8. sorry to miss ur Bday…
    only if Sukumar Roy was right and we cud have a decreasing age just like the increasing age… so we cud be 11 once again!
    mmmm then-
    no one is "always" right, even the parents…
    being nice is not that bad, once you know why they are nice..
    along with confusion you need to pour a heavy dose of confidence, faith and conviction.. otherwise it become "love like" and not love!!
    Backfired decisions are the best ones,, as it tells you where you surely went wrong; the ones that doesnt backfire! they might do later, so you are unsure…
    laziness is just another part of life, for some its the most productive one..
    If fat is like air, then it shud be easiest to pump out… just make sure you have the right pump and read its instructions well..

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