Riveting roads..
Calling the mighty soul
Avenues and junctures
Leading the way for more…
One life, cleverly crafted
No one knows..
..why its lasted…
No signs, no clues
Instincts, luck, destiny
and some blues..
Hope..the precious treasure
Somewhere between the lines
somewhere in my eyes..
somewhere in the corners of my hands…
Giving me faith, giving me life..
Pressing me..to take another step..ahead.

14 thoughts on “whatever

  1. impressive.. 😛
    i like the poor gurl, but not enough to call it somethin else i guess.. i guess… i guess..
    and what r u talking about.. therz nothing am talking about now.. it\’s over.. it ended with tat RIP i wrote. 😐
    and by the way, at least u r still in the mess.. make sure u don\’t follow my footsteps n complicate things. jo bhi hai jake mooh pe bol daal.. wait nahi karne ka.. samji kya? boletho jo dil mein hai woh zaban pe laneka aur boldalneka…
    chal apan kisakthe…

  2. wat?? where?? how?? when?? wat were u talking about?? if u were asking about my space, nothing happened… just a massive MELTDOWN of life.

  3. Really really nice poem! I think the word "nice" is meager to describe ur poem. its just amAzing! 🙂 It\’s very inspiring, really.
    Loved it!
    see u!
    eh, btw, how is life?

  4. There sure ain\’t no road signs to navigate thru life. Hope floats, hope soars, hope begets hope, so hop on the hope boat 🙂

  5. The droplet to sea
    Hurdles and glee
    Dreams and hope
    Flying or on a slope
    Mozart’s symphony 25 or Beethoven\’s nine
    To dissect or to get immersed in music divine
    To ask “why” or just to focus on “how to”
    Will reach the “why” through “how”, once you do
    all said and done… this is a real good stuff!

  6. gud stuff… hope is a fever that damns mighty souls.. it provides an equal music to the vagaries of existence.. hope it the alpha dog..

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