The problem with my life is that there is always a problem!
Even when everything seems ok, slightly in control..there will ALWAYS be some crunch situation or some mess or some new foolishness to deal with.
Without fail.

7 thoughts on “f***

  1. using the F word quite often eh? won\’t help.. problems are our own creations.. our worst imaginations given a chance to come out.. u must have also the solution.. just check inside once.btw, wats life without mental tensions and strains? confusions and f*** ups? i just realized it would be as lame as it could be.

  2. hehehehehahahahalooks like u r really pissed/dissed/watever… fuck!!! hahahaha, i ll continue to add commas if u don stop using \’em 😛

  3. that\’s a very highly unacceptable word and the one using it will have to face severe consequences- is what one of my school rule says- and well, everyone tries abide by it but can\’t. well, i dont use it for the mere fat tht i wont like it at all if someone says that to me, for god\’s sake. now i shut on, on all that.
    coming to blog, well, u see, if u havent heard this then better do now- well, hehe, u cant hear it, u can only read it coz am writing. lol. anyways, it goes this way- if thrs a problem thrs a solution to it definitely. yea, true, tht it takes a lot from u to figure out wht the solution is but hey, atleast thrs a one and u knw it so the prob is not that big now! isn\’t it?
    come on, girl, cheer up, problems in like make us stronger and make us wht we become in our lives. dnt let them take over. 🙂 its the spontaneous way of life.
    chalo, have fun. thinking negative has only one thing- it makes u more depressed. so why not think creatively and find tht one golden solution coz now u kwn tht it DOES exist.
    ok, sorry for all my crap but happily, its all damn true!
    see u!

  4. arre common sups it means you are alive and kicking.. common what\’s life without this fun!! breeze through my child

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