When in trouble….sleep over it.
When frustrated…sleep over it.
When tiresome..sleep over it.
When agitated..sleep over it.
When the world seems to suck…sleep over it.
When problems cloud your eyes…sleep over it.
When nothing seems to work…sleep over it.
What the fuck do u do when u are unable to sleep?

9 thoughts on “!@#$%%^^&&**

  1. I don\’t know neither have I any idea at all. Yes, at all. 
    Lame, I know. 😐
    lol. hope things get better as you r unable to sleep over it. 

  2. AARGH! Sleeping over troubles are one of the worst things to do Sups!
    You silly girl!
    Sort it out. No frustration goes by sleeping over it.

  3. hey what is bothering u sups? aint life going nicely for u..common small troubles are welcome..sail through them baby..& yes u hv been using F word a lot lately..viking & me preaching ..han..
    take care & smile smiles
    cheer up

  4. hahahaha, so funny, i really enjoyed reading that.

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