It just makes me feel so good to see my 10 year bro finally wanting to read a book!
Yeeaaaaaah FINALLY!

12 thoughts on “:)

  1. ummm.. read it book?? is that right? (my grammar sucks.. so am not sure)THOSE are friends .. i didn\’t mention any gender ok??? accepted there are a couple of girls in itsomethings are never to be revealed.. :Pi think the font is tahoma or verdana.. not sure which one.

  2. Wow! one more killed!
    No, that was jus coz of some personal experiences.. BUT… BUT.. now! i think reading books is the coolest thing to do!

  3. i guess it did.. otherwise i wud have strangled its babdwidth, tied it up with nylon links until it cut thru the page and then butchered it into little modules that no one cud ever make sense of.. so much for Hostel movie!!same thoughts?? ha.. i bet 😛

  4. They make SENSE because you are sooo sweet and like to let ppl feel better  ^_^
    I am Glad u liked it really ^_^
    "and theres wedding in the family.."
    congratulations ^_^  ^_^  ^_^
    Cu and Thanks for the kind words

  5. coool! another bookworm evolving in the house :p
    i\’m feeling kinda dull these days.. is it the weather or work or just me? *yaaaawn*

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