Squeezed. Eyes quite shut. I saw a dream. A dream sometimes reality. Reality and matuiry blurred between the lines. Illusions and troubles, sometimes come alive. Not a single, but many droplets. Laughter and pleasure slowly drowning wet. Never together, linked forever…jelly beans and jello, mustard and vinegar. Rhymes insulted, poems deserted. The other side awaits, once the story betrays. If some day you turn back… the pages, the rhymes the eyes and the sight…still alive, still existing the pain resides, the memory collides.

7 thoughts on “Spin

  1. W.O.W!!!!! where did u find tat??ย in ur biological attic??? :Pbut seriously… something\’s really strange and happening ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Dreams are scary man….I dont like em one bit!
    It always seems so real, like one time I dreamt I was driving and every time I would go across a speed breaker, I would actually physically jump in bed too…..ahem!
    ….And why am I sharing this again……..!!!
    Take care

  3. it is not ur sleep dream is it??
    its a dream of life..all is intertwined & interspersed..in dreams we see fragments of reality as we see moments of dreams in our realities..
    dont spin ur head too much, u r on way to achieving dreams!

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