In pursuit of happyness

I am yet to watch the movie (which reminds me i gotta get it copied on a dvd) but I surely have been wondering too much bout happiness and the state of being happy (err becuz of the lack of it?) and as usual my conclusions are confused but here are some questions:

  1. How in the world do people who have probably known you all your life just simply take you for granted and become insensitively casual about your feelings?
  2. Yet how do they claim to be so overly concerned about you?
  3. Why does a busy life frustrate you despite being satisfying otherwise or which might even bring future satisfaction?
  4. Ok i know the above will pass.
  5. Why does a sense of emptiness arise even when you have no empty time in your hands?
  6. How is it that when you genuinely want to be happy, some new spoiler lands up from somewhere or the other?
  7. Yes i know I need a break.

3 thoughts on “In pursuit of happyness

  1. 1. The more you know (or u think u know) about something, the more casual u get about it. It doesn\’t matter if it were human beings at the other end, it\’s just nature.2. They claim because they do (or might do). Claiming is easier than doing u see.. and then most of the time asking about somebody will suffice their "concern"3. busy life doesn\’t exactly translate to happy life. you keep busy because you want to escape from the boredom which results in analyzing ur life, which is of course, a fear tat u (we) don\’t want to face4. it will.. 5. refer to 3. same principle. emptiness in life could relate to "not talking to that guy of ur interest too and avoiding it by saying you are confused" :P6. You want to be happy for the sake of it. Instead, don\’t worry about being happy. You will be, half way through that.7. No you don\’t. ๐Ÿ˜› Acha acha.. teekh hai.. jao.. have a break, have a kitty katty too."cha" can be used when a) u don\’t believe somebody b) when u want to be sarcastic c) shrug off..

  2. common go and freak out with ur friends..go watch a movie & eat out..
    Be happy .common show ur rabbit teeth..:D ๐Ÿ˜€
    cheers & lots of love

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