What inspires…
Rain. Moon. Night. Breeze. Eyes.
Why not…
Summers, Sun, Day, Wind or Nose??!!
Associated cliches?
I’ve been wondering why people stick on to cliche’s like honeybees to honey.
I’m kinda sick of a lot of things around.
Sometimes I wonder why I always talk about myself.
Guys make such wonderful specimens its not funny. They can’t throw the kid out of them, yet they want to be know-it-all’s. They say they are not inspired, but they are inspired by the saddest things on this planet. And yes Directors are probably Anti-Editors.
The above was whining against the lead actor/ghost director of our degree film.

5 thoughts on “CUTTT

  1. men r odd species….
    the thing ihate abt them is their attitude towards women drivers…
    i flip them the birdie from my car whenever i can!

  2. u study film making?
    gosh! i would absolutely love to study it and plus photography too- god! but i cannot becoz i  have taken all mathematic type subjects! so what?  i am learning on my own. but not film making coz its not happening in my life @ the moment. ,lol.
    anyways, be happy , dnt bother abut ppl.
    chalo, see u!

  3. heya sups
    take a cheer. keep reading urself as well as others..
    dont worrry we love reading u abt urself!
    i guess u need warm hugs so here i send u some!nidhi

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