Understanding the understanding of hypocrites.

There’s something about hypocrites that makes us hate them. Wordweb (yes I am so dumb i had to look up the word :P) describes hypocrites as -A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. He/She is a pretender a phony (yes yes they supplied me with more words!! yahooo)
What would the reasons be for someone to support views which they do not follow personally or which their actions are most likely to defy?
Have they been conditioned to be like this?
Or is it just a way of forcing their views?
… is it a tried and tested method for getting their way out?
or is it cause they have been victims of hypocrisy that has turned them into hypocrites?
(i am talking like a perfect englih honors student!! 😛 lol yes ipsiee im studying mass communication…film making makes it sound very grand haha)
Are we too hard on hypocrites?
Lol sometimes i kill myself.

8 thoughts on “Understanding the understanding of hypocrites.

  1. the obsession of calling someone hyprocrite is so huge that we tend to forget the situations behind such events… i think i become a hypocrite sometimes, not because i am one (may be) cos\’ most of the time i forget wat i profess.. and then.. it all comes down to any particular situation we face, how we face it. Not everybody can be perfect u see.. access to wat?? Did i add "darwaza bandh rako" movie? i think many of u might not even heard of it.. it was an RGV production starring aftab and chunky pandey.if i ever put up a podcast i ll let u know.. :Pu still din tell me wat was the thanx for? u don remember?? heheheheheheh lol!

  2. sometimes u do kill urself lol!
    dont be hard on poor phonies when they read this definition, so many strong word, they will surely kill themselves..:D ok poor joke!

  3. is it a tried and tested method for getting their way out?

    i Guess that is it >_<
    God help them find their way back ^_^
    How r u ^_^

  4. 😀 u can\’t help killing yrself with all these ponderings.. hehe
    so how have u been? howz the cold? has it left u? mine\’s still with me :p

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