Life in a Metro??!!!

So well why would they name a movie that way? The director should have called it Sex in a Metro. Cause thats all that is there in the movie. Happily ignoring every other aspect of a metro.
There’s shilpa shetty-mother of 9 year old who looks like she’s straight out of femina (why am i even talking bout her!)
Outside the multiplex, i heard a lot ( read a LOT) of people asking other people how was the movie( calcutta is a small city, literally every big fat joint or not even joint family goes to Forum on sundays..and then they meet acquaintances and friends and their friends and start chit-chatting) and I heard lines like- Timepass hai/ Paisa wasool ho gaya/ Acchi hai (Kya acchi hai???)
All everyone is doing is sleeping around. One man is the hypocrite who cannot take it that his wife is in love (even though he has been sleeping with his employee for 2 years) Another man is a typical arty charmer whom women would drool over. Oh and he loses his love in the end. What better?
The point I am trying to make is that why does our audience accept stereotypical films??. A whole chain of Page 3 like films have cropped up. One Page 3 seemed different and interesting. Now everyone including the director of the film are making same genre films. Result? Now i dont even like Page 3 and see nothing greatly different in it!! Add one gay couple. Add two people cheating. Add drunk behaviour. Oh and add sex.
As for music. It seems the same throughout the film. No track stands out cuz all the tracks sound similar. And somebody please go ask those 2 guys who are trying their best to imitate rockstars to go get a haircut.
(jEEZ i dont even know why i am foul mouthing this movie)
Our audience seems to have very low expectations with films (with Himesh and Emraan around i guess u cant expect much) but they should no accept such typical formula films anymore. Its high time we get out of formula mode. If something works you just make copies of it!
The only saving grace in Metro is Irrfan and Konkona who seem slightly normal..and who make the film worth sitting through.
Other wise quite a trash.
I guess i should have seen Bheja Fry again!
Why cant people watch the same movies again!

4 thoughts on “Life in a Metro??!!!

  1. u can.. nobody can stop u 😛
    masand gave it 4stars.. and i ll stick to it.. let me watch (which would be… about 4months 20days and 5.6hours later)

  2. i dunno about it. i have no idea whts going on in India. and thts not a pleasant thing to hear from  an Indian. but thts the truth. yea. im jus planning to watch dil chahta hai again.. it was one movie tht i loved n i have nevr loved any movie like tht.
    yea, n if u watch comedies again n again, u dnt laugh a much as u would watching it for the 1st time. 🙂
    see u!
    thnks for cominG!

  3. hey sup
    anna is so sweet, nothing lofty or highly intellectual abt it..its abt a romance & supposed to be Tolstoy\’s first real attempt at novel form.. go for it, you will love it!

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