cheeni kum

I’ve told people on msn that I’m studying. And i wander into myself. Into my Burrow Into my den. Ahh its the harry potter effect.
Ridiculously and probably as a part of my new found avtaar or newly developed without even realising how it happened wonder woman avtaar, I am trying to balance out too many things, trying to wrap up too many things at the same time. I don’t know how much of it is working, but I cant hear any complaints from anywhere. Suddenly the mission of my life has become like ‘Dont fucking complain, it’ll be done’ (What happened to me!!! i think that woman with curly hair in my life is having major influence on me!! shit!..and no its not my granny)
I’m about to step into an exciting phase of my life (wow that sounds sooo corny straight out of a 90’s archies card..but hey u cant blame us..we grew on those). And maybe what i want to do before i leave this city would be something like this:
  1.  Have roadside food near my old house..with my childhood buddy. Something I’ve done for many years.
  2. As always food figures first.
  3. Collect lots of pictures of everyone..friends/family..a task which will require a lot of hunting around.
  4. Kiss the walls of my room. I wonder what will happen when the bug in my room takes over it all. Sigh.
  5. Meet everyone just once…and no big plans. just wherever. i cannot plan anymore.
  6. Go for dinner to now i cant decide which posh place to choose lol
  7. go to the park i went a kid

Yeah well thats cheesy enough for tonight. catchya later folks.


4 thoughts on “cheeni kum

  1. well do all this before u leave & dont feel sad as u will alws come back to these things and they will support u even u are away from them..
    hey sup me too is getting infected by ur process of leaving home..*i m sad* but what the damn u will alws  be connected!!
    cheers to new beginnings!

  2. u r just moving to another CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn\’t do even a quarter of them when i was leaving!!response to comment#1: u were too busy studying/learning ur softwarecomment#2: i am extremely busy.. for the paper too.. i was up and running by 7am for my job and it will run till 6pm with other one :(comment#3: "if i let my imagination run the real life elements in them would get
    tired of being imagined and the unreal things would want to be real and
    i would not want to be anywhere." i got the 2nd part.. not the first one. hahah wonder woman!! reminds me of this joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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