Whats on your minddd?

Yeah so I’ve been blogging for so many years that I seem to have tried and tested all sorts rambling.
for once i really dont know what to write.
i dont i dont i dont

4 thoughts on “Whats on your minddd?

  1. i dunno but once u had written something about cheese fondue, maybe this time u can share its recipe if u hav cooked it! lol.
    or write about the funniest/worst/emabrassing/happy moment u may hav had this week. or anything at all. may be about peeling off onions n the expertise skill thts needed to peel it. or how to react when u run out of few cents while paying the bill at a mall n thr r ppl in que after u. or why u think \’lal dantmanjan\’ is good for brushing teeth rather than any ther branded toothpaste like colgate or close up. or how to behave when u r stuck in traffic n if car danching (ie, dancing in car) is a good idea. or how to embarass pl without letting them feel they r being emabarassed, or why an apple a day keeps doctor away really works, or why ipsh said all this crap?!
    anyways, u can write on anything- anything at all! SupOO! :):)
    chalo, see u!

  2. Creative block
    Wrong phase – Not using the phase appropriate at the time. For example a writer may try over and over again to find the next line to their poem and get no-where. This is use of the inspiration phase. But they may need to use the clarification phase to decide what the poems will \’say\’, once this is decided the line often \’writes itself\’. Wrong mindset – This is very common indeed. When trawling for ideas it is necessary to be very free and experimental and entirely non-judgmental. Yet it is common to find people using a cautious self-critical phase more appropriate to evaluation. Similarly people are often not sufficiently critical in the evaluation phase, or sufficiently analytical and logical in the clarification phase. There is advice on tools, techniques and approaches to help with mindsets in "How to be Better at Creativity" Geoffrey Petty. Weak phase – Many people have a weak phase. For example you may be full of ideas (inspiration) but poor at working these to a conclusion (perspiration). You may have good judgment (distillation or evaluation) but not be good at getting enough ideas to practice this judgment on.People can often strengthen their weak phase by using appropriate tools.
    I wrote this in my Exam on Saturday. For the rest, you can just google it 😉

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