The effect (non effects) of a tequilla shot.

This is not about why a bad day brings me back to blogging.
Its not even about why everyone is getting on my nerves.
Its not even about the tiny zits appearing randomly on my face.
Just the monstrosity (i cannot believe i am using such words) of every unending activity around me, every extra morsel of food being stuffed into my mouth, yet anoher compromise, or promise yet another adjustment..why is it all getting to my nerves.
Life puts us in places we might not choose to be in, but why does life not provide any solution. All they say is have patience. Thats not a solution. Thats just a way to pass time to move into another confusion.
Ok that rhymes. Somebody would be proud.
Are we all merely wasting time? And they say time is the healer. We’re either waiting for some time, or passing time or dividing time. Time is such a crappy concept its not even funny.

3 thoughts on “The effect (non effects) of a tequilla shot.

  1. one of the best strategies in any war or issue or any f***king problem, probably the most difficult, is to wait… or bide ur time..
    compromises are reached when u want something bad, and u can settle for the lower thing if it promises less bloodshed or sweat. whether u want tat or not, is upto u to decide. somebody, in the future obviously, u ll look at all these "issues", compromises and adjustments as experience is ur life\’s resume/CV.
    thats the loser\’s explanation of things.
    (look whoz talking!!)

  2. it will all settle down when u reach Pune and get into ut things.. cheer up dont take it so hard, be easy on urself & enjoy this hoopla & attention!love

  3. lol. Im laughing! u made me laugh!
    yea, yea, i long realised since i came bck frm school today tht i can no longer think about emotions or philosofy.
    so u see i know it b4 u wud say it to me on my face!

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