There’s something about the past, even if it isn’t a treasured memory that has a massive impact on us. We just end up looking back, wondering, going over it, recalling, telling ourselves maybe we could have said that/this..or this/that should have been done etc.
We don’t really end up attaching the same importance to the future. Ofcourse we plan, or contemplate, discuss, decide..but the same degree of impact is never there for the future. Or atleast to me it appears to be that way (yea my sense of future is more like: Don’t think, so maybe that’s why) 😛

One thought on “cancel

  1. ehhehe, thnkOO for ur reply in whch u said u loved my reply, well u see reply ka business hee aisa hai, agar kisi ko na pasand aaye to fir business se out hona padega othrwise sab bindaas hone ka boletoh! omg, did i say tht tapori language, no! na na! not me. arre, not me yaar! lol.
    anyways, dnt ponder too mch ovr the past, live life, zyada sochne ka nahi, otherwise sab gadbad hota hai! if u knw wht i mean.. now u may be wondering wht happened to that old philosofical Ipsh.. well, times change n so have i. tht doesnt mean i hav lost all the capacity to think philosofically jus tht i had 2 exams today so basically my mind cannot think emotionally anymore.. lol . true that it is!!!
    and haan, i will try songs frm those movies.. but the biG big Q is how, kaise??? i dunno f thr r any sites whr i can find them.. or such..
    chalo, Enough trouble for ur mind today. 
    see u!
    thankOO SupOO for visiting~ 🙂

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