My rhymes dont rhyme HA!

As the winds of change blow,
I lie against the bed post
Looking at the leaves sway
Legs stretched, rewinding days
Memories float, lists to note..
Savouring the flavors..
Humming no tune,
The buzz remains, out in the blue.
Cacophony in the distance, peace inside.
No feelings, just thoughts-
Words, giggles and hotch potch.
People and places, habits and home..
Cant end this verse, no end to meaning..
no end to words.

8 thoughts on “My rhymes dont rhyme HA!

  1. Ur back home aftr a tiresome day, The Simpsons is over & its almost dusk..
    the typically \’sometimes-blissful-sometimes-melancholy\’ half hour, right after dusk..
    thats what this post is..
    loverly! 🙂
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

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