its the time to khisko :P

lol i couldn’t help cracking that PJ
So today we begin with the moral of the story which says People change and turn into Hypocrites. (but were they hypocrites in the first place, so in that case YOU change and you realise other people were always the same hypocrites only you couldn’t fucking see it)
Its nice to meet people that have left your life, as in lost importance and then they stick around for what you have shared (no i am not talking bout some ex boyfriend ), they exist but distanced from you, yet on talking terms off and on…and when you meet, you cant help observing the changes,and being disgusted by it or disagreeing to it, you can’t help relating to the old habits, you can’t help enjoying the same familiarity in the characteristics..
Its  such a funny situation.
Somethings amiss, somethings same.

4 thoughts on “its the time to khisko :P

  1. difficult to say if we change or they. but i guess all of us evolve so let\’s just blame it on the changes than people…

  2. yeah with time things change, or evolves and nothing remains same or everything & everyone moves on.
    smile na sups

  3. you are learning about life and people. change is only constant. times change and so do situations.. people have to move on.. they have different commitments through life..
    experience will teach you everything that even the strict-est of your teachers couldn\’t.. it\’s just the way it is.. we all learn it that way..
    never give up ever because the day you give up, you stop living this beautiful life!
    all the best! 🙂

  4. "iamgoingtochangebutidontwanttobutiknowitwillhappenanditsucks!!!"
    i hate change too.
    but,im not SUPPOSED to.
    cuz apparently it\’s just \’cowards\’ that hate change,according to \’Who moved my Cheese.\’
    GOD,i shouldn\’t have read that book.

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