No Icy, you cant loose me to pune.
Its good but..not so good that I forget the world ( like u require loooove for that haha)
My life..the theme park
Pirate’s ship-toss and turn in the morning
Lazy River Ride- brush, take a bath
Roller Coaster-Try to eat and dash to college on time
Merry Go Round- during the day
Giant wheel- the state of my stomach in the evening
Tumble tosser: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



3 thoughts on “Backkk

  1. nice… i wonder what kinda theme park describes my state right now..
    how about scary house?? huh?? yeah!!!!
    it is a land of opportunities.. yes agreed.. and it has its own advantages too.. in fact.. too many
    dramatisation is very essential you see 😛 

  2. nice to see an update and nice description of your daily routine..yeah life must be hectic and I hope u get ur internet connnection as fast as can be.
    love l\’ll girl, Oh you no longer one!

  3. Dear Miss Punewala

    You are at one of my better liked cities. (not that I hate any one of
    em… mmmmm except may be Mumbai…). Yep I love that city… and
    woooooo finally college at full swing?? so swing swing n swing!! and
    throw some rocky tidbits while swinging away…

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