Test of endurance

 No. I will not crib.
Lost in the crowds amidst dimly lit lamps, she observes people, in light, in shadow..in tints and tones of sepia, orange and yellow. Faces reflect what the heart doesn’t show, hearts reflect what the faces fail to reflect..a blurry line between the two and then some shades not worth portraying. Royalty and rivalry, revelery and readings- the sly knight, the charming prince, the evil ring master and the whining sidekicks…Lessons to learn, rat race and rhymes..finding a lost dream, some soul and fine wine? Alcohol is not the answer, competetion flies around, credit seekers crying loud, initiators seek a way. Whats good whats not? There’s no answer, because in this world lies another monster..and thats the moster of pretense, sham and shame. Look for truth, like a pin in hay.
Now go figure.
ps: for once i gotta say..i am proud of my blog entry.
this day is special.

9 thoughts on “Test of endurance

  1. Wah.. simc effect is showing 😛 :Plike ur journo friendsnice one though .. no really i mean it.. hehehheeno dearth of souls and wine.. both fine ones… in pune 😛

  2. hats off sups..this is sheer brilliance..aha! seems Pune is rubbing on you well..hey u r maturing as a writer!
    i like this will read it many times to come!

  3. i just have one thing to say.. no matter wat the world around u is like, you know what u are, you know what u want and u know what u shud do. i have enough faith in you to know that u will never do something that u shudnt, so no matter what webs people around u are spinning be sure to do what is right and you\’ll win in the end.. and rest with a peaceful heart…. 

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