Conflicting Emotions

Trying to configure my heart, mind and soul..
Checking for virus.
Found one trojan horse, one virus and one harmful cookie.
Old soft, melodious numbers, south park comedy, aloofness, flab, lonely walks in the night, familiar roads, unread books, words without order…thoughts memory.. many thoughts..nothing matters but the journey. nothing matters.

3 thoughts on “Conflicting Emotions

  1. me thinks you r reading a bit too much!! Hmmm, let me see. So you have one trojan horse, one virus and one harmful cookie.Performing analysis… Loading results:Trojan Found: H32.home-sick trojanDetails: Potentially dangerous trojan which can cause havoc in the central mental data transfer. Can have a profound effect on moods, ranging from depression to anger. Remedial Measures: Scanning home directory once would improve conditions.Alternate: Could be a potential infection from puppy trojanVirus Found: M32.confusion virusDetails: Extremely dangerous virus. Proceed with caution. Can be fatal if coupled with carelessness and impatience. Lack of direction in the system can open up door to this virus.Remedial Measures: Consult with System Administrator (aka close friends) for step by step help.Harmful Cookie Found: cookie@www.restless-soul.comDetails: Cookie leftover by visiting by the above page. Can be dangerous in combination with the above mentioned trojan and virus in the system. Can cause extremely violent aberrations in the system behavior. Also can cause buffer impatience overflow.Remedial Measures: A brief halt to the system in the way of a holiday will help. Please buy and install "Chaat" software by Juhu Chowpati (R) vendors. Contacting Administrator Ms.Mind Space of is also suggested.Cost of a holiday: Rs.2000Cost of Chaat Software: Rs.300Cost of this analysis report: Priceless!!!There are a lot of things money CAN buy, for everything else there are FRIENDS!!P.S. I had to retype all this cos the first time browser ate up my comment!!!

  2. oh wow! viking has left me dazed & fazed with his brilliance of analysis & awesome brilliance of mind! haha..honestly it is just u are away from the ever so familiar cocoon that Cal was but u will get into groove with  this place too..anyways Viking is too sweet to refer me to you so when are we going to hear your voice? haha..he is sweet otherwise too! *winks*
    common sweetheart laugh & shine~~ you much coming up in your life, these are just the initial pangs, all gonna be great!
    now many hugs & love

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