Theory of (E)Motional Blackmail Pressure:
When the lid of your mental pressure cooker is unable to withstand the collective activity of the veggie mind and the liquid heart. 
Theory of the Bitch:
When you just make a face and be what the world calls a Biatch for no particular reasons i.e. your selfish reasons.
Theory of Convergence:
When you stuff in college with health and food and leaisure and events and activities.
Theory of Music:
When you hear nothing at all.
Theory of Research:
When you skim 15 books in 4 hours and forget what you had planned to do a research on.
Theory of Time:
What you waste while you should be doing something else.
Theory of Theories:
When you apply nothing to everything inorder to complete something.
Students are expected to memorise these theories but never ever apply them practically since theories never work. Practicals do.

7 thoughts on “Theories

  1.  Oh the kaala tikka happened alright! I forgot to mention somehow 😛
    theories! they\’re the name you give to those random unamed thoughts that somehow originate in some person\’s brain and fail to make any sense to anyone else. But are accepted alright owning to the sheer language that sounds impressive…

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