I wish i could write a few things here….
and forget about it all.
Erase its existence.
And bury it all somewhere.
but now.. I cant.
Just cant. 

4 thoughts on “

  1. u think u can\’t??
    u can…
    i dunno horseshit about wat i am saying… so nevermind. 🙂
    i wish i cud write too, but then i don\’t want to embaress myself anymore

  2.  err…no no, i think thats actually embarress?
    Sups-u made dis space to feel better nd share remember? out wid it!

  3. no no it is embarrass only.. i just checked from answers.com :Dneed a life?? arre mein boltha hoo, i will follow saan\’s advice, u also try to find someone 😛 or at least whoever is tat guy, go talk to himproceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed 😀

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