Strength of a woman.

This is not a forward. This is not exactly from the horse’s mouth. This is out of observation, experience and too much random thinking. This could be out of hatred towards men and women.
We love to interfere.
We love to cry about out problems, but change the topic when probed about it
We like to conceal yet we want to show
Good clothes just make us happy. Its probably the feeling of possessing something thats going to flatter us (with just an initial price attached ofcourse)
I’m sure half the women reading this are already saying- Sooo true.
Maybe some men too!
We can’t be mechanical
Our weight is a concept that leaves us flabbergasted, yet looking thin can make our day
I don’t know why I’m writing this…its raksha bandhan and I’m missing my brother..Haven’t been away from home for rakhi ever.
Love u sweetie. Muwah.

6 thoughts on “Strength of a woman.

  1. u can use either smelt or smelled… same difference! 😀
    it\’s like learnt/learned, dreamt/dreamed etc. the ones that end in \’t\’ are Brit and the ones tht end in \’d\’ are of US origin…

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