Belated Happy Birthday

 On July 24th 2007 my blog turned 2 years old…and I forgot its birthday!! (im thinking of finally giving a gender to my blog…maybe male :P)Damn seems like I’ve been blogging since ages. Maybe its cause i blog frequently…but yeah since im bored right now (actually procrastinating) anyone who visits this place has to tell me why they like my space!
oh what the heck why u dislike it will also do!
Also I’d like to mention few of the most special folks around..who’ve known me during these two years and stuck around! (congratulations you people have officially now known me for a longer time than my last crush lasted)
Nidhi (Icy)
Horus (IC)
Hawky (K’dir)
Peru aka Prerna (ur the one who drops in and out of my life)
I hope I haven’t missed out on anyone..

6 thoughts on “Belated Happy Birthday

  1. lets ee …please dont make this blog a male, just not happening and obv, i like the space coz its some really deep thoughts with a large helping of humour and childish tantrums 😛 

  2. good good! happy budday to your blog.. to him.., ahem..
    i the blend  of sense of humour in your writings. 🙂
    also the cartoon just below the title of ur page. its funny.
    🙂 see u! btw, how is life @ ur end?  

  3. oye hoye! A special hug to your blog..

    that reminds seems its just about a month oder than mine… it started on Aug 30, 2005.. wooooo! 2 years..

    why I like the space? hmmmm – coz it usually not stale… n its blog… not a tried and tested gimmick to promote self..

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