Colours dance in front of my eyes. The glimmering lights, the shining faces… soulfree faces, walking around. Living their joys, trembling in their sorrows, holding within some sadness, and a way into tomorrow. Honesty and sincerity burn out of the souls, mixed emotions and a search for the right roads. Faces appear to betray the colours, the eyes look around for some sort of condolence…Mocking my presence, questioning my steps..crisscrossing my path with faded pages from the past. Each existence is to serve a purpose, but what is the purpose when there is no individual existence? The very same purpose created in the mind, nurtured with the heart and lost deep inside. The words sting and the words the same memory that held its sway.

10 thoughts on “naansense

  1. clouded.. crowded.. hunted or haunted??misty mornings and foggy nights??…. killjoy? meeee?? me a killjoy – am running after it since ages…… and whether the passion will live n grow is totally in times book… lets just pray !

  2. What do comment on this? :-s
    Ok, woohoooo!
    Belated happy b\’day to your blog! You reminded me that my blog\’s gonna be a 2 year old soon 😀

  3. seriously.. i tried!! i tried i think this is the fifth time.. i still cannot make sense. :Pwhy are the themes changing so suddenly.. i mean.. it all.. no it\’s confusingwat one off?? i wrote a whole two pages worth of stuff in the other one!!

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