Notes to Strangers..or Not!

Dear Bratty Kid,
You are fun, but so much like a Yo! makes me roll my eyes.
Dear Same Old Wannabe Gossipmonger
Even after all these years ur still soo dumb and pissing off!
Dear Friend
Sometimes I dont like your ways but I cant mention it cause you have a good heart. Its like a conflict situation.
Dear Just Kidding
Your arrogance no longer seems innocent!
Dear Mr. You could have been my good friend,
What can I tell you, when you cant deal with things!
Dear Foolish and Helpless
Help Yourself and her, from her, with her!!
Dear _____
Its like a faint memory now. Maybe not so faint. But..
Dear Motu
I so wish I were beside you while you’re taking a big step in your life!
Dear New Laptop at home,
Why can’t you help me remove the worm from my laptop??!!!!!

22 thoughts on “Notes to Strangers..or Not!

  1. Its easy! Downlaod the Fee anti virus software, AVG anti virus and just scan the complete PC once. Your PC will never be infected if u use their products. 

  2. Wassup? Hope not too hectic or too much to study…with India playing well…it\’s just not the right time for any kind of studies! And what\’s with strangers…un-strangers…this one can sure top sillyspacers for its intrigue 🙂

  3. hmmm… so finally dear old supey coming off age? huh??some mirrors, some windows – to past and present? inside the wall all we have is ourselves… discover and u r never alone…

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