The little yellow diary.

I would never forgive myself if I don’t mention my last week on this space. Not because I haven’t blogged in ages, properly…but I owe this to myself, cause this blog and you all have been a witness to a side of me since sometime now…
(No no..its not my goodbye speech)
I’ve never doubted the therapeutic powers of writing, somehow as usual, my personal space and peace took a back seat over the months, as assignments and other frustrations dominated. Happens to all of us. Happens to you. me. everyone.
The question we ask ourselves is that whether I’m still the same person? Whether I can carry on? What are the things I wont do from now on? How do i get over it?
The valleys of Panchgani taught me how to look inside.
(No i just liked the way it sounded so I’m writing it like this hehe)
Washing dishes, family group discussions, night time gossips, sneaking away for midnight walks, group games, trekking, the over powering mountains, the cool breeze filling your senses, looking into the depths beyond the edge, the sense of joy when you managed to climb a hill in chappals, opening up in front of strangers, admitting your mistakes, writing letters, talking to people, Mapro’s jam, boiled eggs, Silence, noting down your thoughts, being honest to yourself, wondering if this phase would evaporate the minute we stepped into our usual life, bonding and memories etched forever…
And what about the real world?
Think of self empowerment, you’re just like another drop in the ocean, look beyond, have a vision, be is not easy and when you have fifteen minutes of peace to yourself maybe you can take two more steps forward.

6 thoughts on “The little yellow diary.

  1. NO!! this is not our deal ol\’ cribbing whining imposter bugs bunny!!!this is someone else!! HELP!! someone hijacked sups space!!!on the otherhand:u always grow, so u are never the same, physically, mentally.and am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Jealous!!p.s. not to mistake with tat friggin jealous bastard.

  2. yes! u can add this- long drives on bike with ur bhaiya or cousin bhaiya or in a car with parivaar! 🙂
    loved ur post!

  3. Very true…but my experience – Trips (and more so distance from the routine) are without doubt enlightening, empowering and self awakening but once we are back to the grind the peace and all the empowerment vanishes gradually.
    hope the same is not true for u…

  4. whoa you stilll have this blog…i was just going through my old blog and checking if people are still around in blogworld

  5. so true! the 15 minutes of peace will leave us enriched for the whole day, it happens to me, I need time for myself exclusively each time, this is one selfish thing I do each day.
    it is also true that the effects of trips evaporate as we get back to grind but yet we an alws allow the beautiful memories wash over us and awaken our senses and find happiness in that moment gone by but still there!

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