Sounds of bongo bells.

Before I begin my next sermon to all u curious cats…
Gautham(or anyone else).. have u tried the windows live writer? Is it any good?
Different species of mosquiotes are roaming all over my room. They just make life so much more interesting.
More interesting than the theories of communcation or indian money market or history or radio broadcasting!
No this is not cribbing. This is merely advertising the topics i need to learn, and if anyone has any handouts or notes on them…
then please contact me asap!
Ahh the little brown diwali mosquito just landed on my knee.
So silent is the room,
As the eerieness looms,
The only sound that stays
Is the clock ticking way
past midnight, suggesting doom.
I think I should practise harder. Limmericks are not bloody easy!!

2 thoughts on “Sounds of bongo bells.

  1. limericks don\’t end in "doom" :PYes I have been using it for almost an year now. read a review, must be somewhere 8 months old, in archives. 😛 :PIt\’s GOOOD. at least it won\’t gobble up your entries.kachua jalaomacchar bhagao… thanQ!! 🙂

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