In the name of marks!

Its like my hands are itching to type!
Exams do this to me. Blogging becomes my favourite activity.
My mind becomes alternated into two windows. The first one is called focus window, from where I keep popping out..the second is called the Distracted window-where I keep jumping into every half an hour.
Have already sung ‘mere sapno ki rani’ like a zillion times. I have no idea why. Have already sent e-greetings randomly. Ok it was my bro’s budday! Tried hard not to login to gtalk or msn…and ended up blogging!
I haven’t changed one bit.
I tried Okayyy??
Ok i admit my last few entries were the biggest faffs ever.
I have like 5 modules to study for 2 forty marks papers.
Bahh..Look at me!
Damn I someday wish to get drunk and give an exam! Really wish I had the guts.
Shouldn’t really say that cause I’m already acting mad since the last two hours…looking at the time on the desktop clock makes me laugh even more!
I’m going home soon..yipee..thats the only fact that keeps me cheerful during exams! 🙂
Sometimes I think people and their attitudes towards things are IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend..
Hypocrisy, Non empathetic behaviour, Aggression, S-t-u-p-i-d-i-t-y, Pretense!!!, GREED!!
I’m gonna study psychology, really I need it!!
Ok on a serious note, Consumer Behaviour awaits.

5 thoughts on “In the name of marks!

  1. that is how we feel during exams – random and queer, maybe it is way of dealing with the anxiety. Have good exams and then go home & have a blast! this is enuff to make you study during these needlessly compulsory exams..
    cheer up & sail through!

  2. aaaieeeeeeee..see him in Chak de & even in this new one, i like him, arre that is all paint & gloss over him.. see hw maintained he is! i love his fitness, energy level & dimpled presence & he is intelliegent & self-made! *blushing over my gushes*

  3. Oh my! I read thru all the posts that I\’d missed. You\’ve been wonderfully funny all these days! 😀
    Instead of getting drunk and giving the exam, get stoned and then give it. Will work wonders! 😛

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