How’z Home?!

Take all the pigs in Pune..
And all the American corn sold in all of Maharashtra..
Every single wada pav
All the cars on the bombay-pune highway…
And all those numbers would not be enough to compare the number of things i feel when I’m back home!
Happiness. Bliss. Excitement. Joy.
Nothings changed. And yet somethings have.
Maybe in me, maybe in the city..but the spirit is the same..and so are my friends.
Once you get out of home, you can’t help feeling once you’re back, that why did u leave in the first place? There’s no place as home to just feel at home…and then a lot of memories come back.
When I feel all of the above things, i wonder if I’m ambititious at all..and the path that I am walking on..Is it really the path for me?

3 thoughts on “How’z Home?!

  1. it\’s not out of the world, but a clever book with an interesting edge to it..
    read for urself girl!!
    home sweet home! 😛
    no! u don\’t know how i feel 😛

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