Air mein Sair.

Imagine if this comes to India
these are the interiors:
What would happen if A-380 was being launched in India.
(for the junta)
All the media men, politicians, Aviation minister uncle would be first getting a taste of the lovely airbus. A big media event would have taken place, with every politician walking hand in hand with a film star (a la whats his name Amar Singh). The big industrialists would be there, observing every little detail, probably thinking in their minds.."Hmmm so maybe I should buy one of these next year, for my extended family to travel on our next holiday or "Ahh I should be able to buy one of these before _____ buys it", or "Reliance Airlines, Papa ka sapna, ab aasman mein"
Marketers will go bonkers coming up with innovative ideas to sell the product, to position it, to add value additions. Hmm I’m thinking they would probably open tiny shops inside the plane-discounted prices…Like big bazaar. Shop in the Air. Aadhe daam! 😛
In my opinion, they should definitely have a pani puri wala and jhaal muri wala and wada pav seller on board.
Ok maybe one Italian restaurant also..Incase Its owned by Mr. Mallya (ahh that would require another post covering branding the Kingfisher A-380. Sophisticated Indian Styleaah)
Baskin Robbins or Gelato would probably want to have an outlet inside.
They might decide to have film premieres on board. Think of the possibilities. Wheeee. Fashion Shows. Book readings. On air Concerts.
*Hire me please marketers/media planners..I can help!!*

3 thoughts on “Air mein Sair.

  1. did u hear about the name of the F1 team Mr.Mallya came up with???
    Force India!!! Force india to what??? watch F1 with a kingfisher beer????

  2.  emirates first class – your own complete private cabins…yep like little rooms you find in trains…not recommended for the claustrophobic…
    i was frustrate when i wrote that..but now hok…went out with frirnds and got back at home at 2…slept in late till the afternoon…going for a movie i am happy…but tomorrow starts all over again..icckness…will we humans every be satisfied…i dont think so..and no osho is not human..

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