When I observe certain people and what they go through, I wonder if life is actually so harrowing?
Or are good things so tough to handle?
Yeah, I shouldn’t be saying that. I’m dealing with it. I do masters.
There’s so much of truly absolutely almost BULLSHIT work to be done…I sometimes wonder if this is what I’ll end up doing in life. The possibility of a future seems so utterly weak sometimes..and the one that others envisage for me is not something I’ve envisaged for myself..and vice versa..but what confuses me is the question whether I actually fit in anywhere? my future or their future?

4 thoughts on “?

  1. we all fit some where but … where ?!
    but you dont really think about it it just happen you know ?!
    like one day you dont know the sec day you find that place so
    hope you and i and every body find where they fit soon

  2. Its all relative.
    We are all program and can only use perception to relate things.
    They are hard, it is hard… but it is hard because you are learning.
    Your future is their future when you make them one and the same… sometimes you just have to force yourself through 😀
    Enjoy the times, while the times last

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