Darjeeling is dying.

Yet again. It really is.
The adventure
We even had to face a rat entering our room, running behind the television, and then behind the sofa..and then when we called someone to get rid of it, the smart rat tore into the cloth on the underside of the sofa and entered the inner parts of the sofa! And then the guy who came to get rid of the smart rat (who was actually scared of the rat himself), turned the sofa straight, cause while it was tilted the rat couldnt jump out, and then out came the rat running in again, hiding behind the sofa cum bed.
Since then, they didn’t discover it. Even after an hour long hunt.
Work can be so gruelling at times that you feel like your head might burst, and like you’ve been staring at the same damn thing since ages. And this is just the beginning. There is so much to do.
Gosh. It feels like Life at Pune is coming closer. Yet Again.
Talking about OM shanti OM..Where did they leave the story in the entire khichdi?? Where!!!

3 thoughts on “Darjeeling is dying.

  1. hehe..:) its nice to see a genuine, good old-fashioned blog, sans copy pasted items. and chacha chaudhary rules! though nagraj did come kinda close!

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