Time management and people management are both like bubble management.
I have not partied in ages. I think I have forgotten what partying is like.
Don’t understand how people operate…who lies, doesnt lie..honest dishonest…
And lastly, what are we all actually looking for in life???!!!

4 thoughts on “Hmmmm

  1. i am looking for a psp now. right now tht is. and then it\’s something else. and then something and so on and so forth.this is living life by the day 😛

  2. we are actually living, sometimes we feel that we are living, other times we simply question the whole thing! u will ultimately be fine! take it in ur stride 🙂

  3. I have found the answer to people mgmt…working in a multi cultural environment you finally tend to understand exactly what makes people tick…oh there are lies..plenty of those…but apart from it..its basic..everyone wants to be heard..and you unfortunately have to do the listening.. but when it comes to managing these ppl within the time…best of luck cookie! thats really just cant make everyone ok..but isnt that ok?

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