What have you got to lose?

(Spellings Ok mr. Viking?)
Ok the last entry had a major mistake…I meant no one should try to gain weight cause losing it is difficult.
So I wanted to write a nice long entry, but as usual my eyes are drooping, i had phone calls, blah blah
I hate not being able to blog.
Santa give me a mental blogging machine, where I can pen thoughts and they will get automatically transferred to this page!!

One thought on “What have you got to lose?

  1. Ho Ho Ho!!!  (Don\’t take the new slang meaning of it)
    Dear Child,
    Use your mobile to blog, to pen your thoughts as an sms and send it your space to either get it directly published or save as a draft!
    I have given this option in your Space settings! Look it up! And have a merry christmas, ALONE!!! 😛
    HO HO HO HO!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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