This is my 6th or 7th attempt to write in two days. Typing this on wordpad, as I’m beginning to think that the Add entry page on this space is jinxed, for some reason.

Yes my laptop is conked, but why does it switch off almost each time I’m typing something on that page??!! The other times I wrote absolutely meaningless stuff, so I let it be.

Seriously if I compiled all of what I wrote and cancelled or which got cancelled I could have a sizeable blog ready.

So how do you beat the monotony in life?

Each prof of ours arrives and in an attempt to seem knowledgeable/interesting/helpful asks us.."So have u read so and so book?"

Obviously in 99.99% cases the answer is no.

I need to buy a set of colour pencils, a sharpner and some nice pens maybe.

When I was learning art, I was good at it. I wish I had pursued further. Sigh. That seems like seven years ago.

Its funny how some words mean something else, but are used in other completely different connotations..

Especially in this city.

Take Jhol: Traditionally means gravy. Used like: jhol mein pad gaya (I’m guessing this could be a marathi-hindi way of saying "in a soup")

There are a few other words, but as my excitement I’ve forgotten them. I’m unlikely to remember it now…will probably remember while I’m sleeping.

And then I’ll forget it the next morning.

This is what happens each time.


4 thoughts on “finally.

  1. I saw "taare zameen par" a couple of days back, and then felt like buying some oil paints and a canvas. and start painting! 😀
    So how have u been beating the monotony? My wedding beat the monotony in my life 😀

  2. Formating is the possible solution for ur laptop. Also if ur machine is old enuf, may be your battery is the trouble maker. Anyways, Na havent been bitten by the blog bug. I don\’y know if you remember, i used to be a very \’AVID\’ blogger. That \’Gibreel\’ guy. 😛 ( Usual comments laterz. 🙂 ) 

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