Hate Mail

Dear monstrous, over heated, fucked up, unintelligent, mechanical, technical piece of shit
Why in the world do you not behave yourself?
Especially when I try SO SO SO hard to take care of you!!
You are worse than a stubborn bratty child
and 100 times more irritating than a lousy cheating boyfriend.
What did I do to deserve you?

4 thoughts on “Hate Mail

  1. perhaps, not having a boyfriend 😛
    go out n catch one, then u ll LOVE that very technical piece of shit!!
    btw "technical piece of shit" sounds awesome

  2. I perfectly understan dear sups, they can be very trying and overheating means it\’s time to say goodbye or replace one of the parts, in my case it was the hard disk and even ater replacing it, a few months and back to overheating, finally gave up on the damn machine.

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