Sometimes I feel that I need a new blog.
Lets be honest..aren’t you guys bored of reading this shit?
But whats the gurantee that a new blog will lead to new thoughts? I mean I wont change, only the interface will. Maybe I’ll just change this blog color, layout, pics etc.
I personally like being unknown, on a not so popular network and not so known place like Blogger.
Sheesh. I really do sound like one of those people who hate to be seen, known or heard. Or like to be discreet. Or are way too wasted.
OPINIONS required.

9 thoughts on “Unpopular.

  1. dont change ur blog.. u will lose all enthu when u lose this baby that uve been nurturing… and go on vacation… then ur entries will change too

  2. one reason viking still lives is cos of it\’s history. the past, glorious or otherwise.
    blogger is less popular? r u out of ur mind???
    that shit shows up in every google search!!
    go anon if u want. otherwise just stick to this, if not, try the dark side πŸ˜‰

  3. I started a new blog this week, after 2 years-and-the-rest of MSN Spaces. I\’m not really sure if I\’ll keep it up, or how I really feel about it, or if it really makes a difference, but I took the leap. Hey, I\’m crazy like that. Some people leap out of planes…I, I leap into a new blogosphere…

  4. hehe..:) long time! well, i started a new blog on blogger too, sometime back..hell, at least it loads faster..! is it just me or are your posts getting more introspective by the day?

  5. This is exactly what I feel. I do the stupid stuff. I delete it and then think shouldnt have. Anyways makes no sense. I have started 5 blogs till date.Yeah, zoooo, it was a fun day. Gliding? danger woman. She likes it too. Im proud to be a chicken! πŸ˜›

  6. theres no limit by the govt. to d number of blogs u can keep :PP
    keep more than 1…make d other 1 more discreet if u like.
    And NO, we\’re not tired of reading this shit!!!!i\’d say, bring more on if u can πŸ˜‰
    try livejournal.com, i\’m not a fan of blogger either! make it all hush-hush but pssstt..gimme d address of? πŸ˜€
    luv ya! (atleast virtually!!)..lol

  7. I don\’t think you should change or move, I tried moving to blogger surprisingly for discreetion because unlike spaces , it\’s harder to search for one on blogger but I got bored and came back to spaces, it\’s familiar and ind of like home.
    Now whether people will read your blog or not or whether we are tired or not is upto the readers to decide right? You write for yourself..those who want to hang around will,, the others can politely f… scream it out loud :p

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