The baby is back!

So yes my laptop went to the doctor, was under observation for a couple of days..and now its back. Fitter, hopefully.
The chill has hit Kolkata…and boy..its fun bearing the breeze with indian clothes all over you
So I’ve already decided what my wedding is going to be like, considering the amount of fights and frustrations I see in the middle of weddings (more than the fun, there seems to be some big deadline to be met each time…, I dont understand why is it then called a happy union where the entire family comes together to celebrate this union)
My wedding invitation will be in the form of a mini graphic novel, or say an animated story on  a cd..or maybe a small storyboard…
I wont get married in a’ll be a town/hill station/village Anything but a city with cars, residence, traffic, blah blah
The number of guests will be limited, and the items on the menu. There shall be theme parties everyday. The naach gana will all be unplanned, unorganised and spot on..I might get married mid air.. the S300 what say 😛
And on the last day of the wedding, everyone has to donate to charity.

5 thoughts on “The baby is back!

  1. excellent… i\’m sure u can make at least 48% of ur dream come true… just get married before i do so that i can at least come and attend your wedding in that place far far away

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