Pune finally Sneezes!

Yes, and how! Lovely breeze at night, twichy nose, chocolate fantasy..Prioritising..Eggs..
Thinking Music. Music strangely makes me feel like there’s some action occuring with the beats..Like the rhythm has been set to make you think about something. Or is it another excuse for distraction? Suddenly need fresh music…almost like everything is growing onto me and i want to run away from it..goo goo dolls or 3 doors down or even dil chahta hai..everything..karunesh, the doors…blah blah.
I dont know what I need now!! Heavy metal? 😦
Somehow I cant write everything I feel here, earlier this was the only place where I’d pour my heart out (its a different thing that not many understood..but then that never mattered)..The very fact that I’m mentioning this here is almost a self induced push to write like I used to… Or is it cause of the discovery that people who I know in reality might be reading this blog..or probably are..not that they mention much..I’d like it that way too..but …the thought of being read by some people seems so like being exposed.
I’ve allowed myself to live in such a way, that I’m still not comfortable about where I am, with whom I am..can’t even understand why I’m in such a..what I’d like to call " a public shell "  (I am so sure gautham is probably rolling his eyes right now)
Everything’s so different here…ok not SO different here. But I’m not sure where I am..and why do I still live in black and white..and not grey!!

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