What be you??

So Lightning struck and we realized "omg..they have categories for humans too". Ofcourse like all the other categories I make, for which I could be famous or infamous, this could make sense or not make sense, but since it hit me right now, I might as well pen or e-pen it down before it leaves my very short- short term memory.
The Moody Monster: The actions and thought processes of this human are entirely dependent on what they are feeling, which again, one cannot predict cause the smallest of things can trigger their mood to mars. I know so many of such people, don’t want to name them..cause you never know if they are reading this and their moods might get ticked off again. Extremes I’d say.. 😀 😛
The PeeAre: Always there, at the right place, at the right time, networking, passing the message, smiling and helping or pretending to help. Their ulterior motive seems to be Presence. Just Presence. Whether they do any substantial work or not, they certainly get a name just because of their presence. I have a lot of people in my batch who seem to be like that, I don’t know how much they truly work..In a country with too many people, maybe we do require such kinds as well..but then again..if everyone started working who would need PR??!
The AttitudeOid: They were kept waiting, they were standing in the sun, they were pushed, they had to work..Oh my gawd! Need I say more?
The Sensitive..Tch. : They feel bad. Just do.
The Practical Preacher: Sensible. *Sigh* Sometimes wayyy too much. Logic helps them..sometimes they might overdo it, to the extent of being painful creatures from questionbankland.
The Manipulative: Shrewd, Smart..they know how to use emotions smartly, they know when to use logic..and probably know how to twist what and whom. Might not be as negative as I make them sound.
DumbleDoos: They dangle, from here to there..somewhere..between thoughts and feelings..Probably all of the above categories of people have this trait, but DumbleDoos obviously overdo it, characterised by confusion or sparks of over enthusiasm..or maybe a zeal to do everything. Can be in their own world, might not care less or care too much.
The Zombies: Never present!
You are free to add your own categories, don’t ask me where I belong!

13 thoughts on “What be you??

  1. oooh nice entry… completely original, you seem to have gotten ur flair back.. we\’ll have to create a new category for you i think but i fit into moody monster preeeety well 😀

  2. -_-  don\’t know why but i think i belong in one of this categorize
    "The AttitudeOid: They were kept waiting, they were standing in the sun, they were pushed, they had to work..Oh my gawd! Need I say more?"
    >_< well believe it or not it really happens to me we can be 3 ppl talking i am the one who will be asked to be quiet…. we will be walking i am the one who will see that someone is pointing at us … we will be in the office i am the one who is going to listen to the lady saying "they are only temporary here" soo when i inform the other about what happened I will always sound like the Attitudeoid category  * sight *  >_<

  3. I didn\’t Sups. That was 3 months ago. it was just the look  🙂  I had a couple of people asking me that  🙂 How are you?

  4. Hellllo ^_^
    Well not exactly working I am in my internship (one year) divided into 3 rotations each 4 months
    1)   Medical records
    2)   Quality
    3)   IT
    I finished my first one (THANK GOD) so now I am in my second rotation
    "Quality" so I am working + learning in the same time…
    ^_^ so how is your master going?!!

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