I was recently tagged conservative. And it didn’t affect me *flabbergasted*

Jeez, I sound like some features writer, with that line.

One thing that we probably ignore about people we come in contact with, or meet, or we know..but might not know too well (i don’t know if this works with people we’ve known forever) is the Vibe factor. Or maybe it comes alive only when there’s a lack of communication or something being hidden, or when we get judgemental..I’m not even sure when the vibe insticnt wakes up, or if it lies dormant till triggered.
In my case, the vibe factor works too much in case of the opposite sex (Haahaaaa)

Hesitance is another topic I would like to discuss in this prestigious public forum for social interaction and human voyeurism. I don’t know if vibe and hesitance go hand in hand, laziness too for that matter, but why do we have a mental block towards certain things?
Too much psychology happening, Icy I think you need to take over from here….

And now..my favourite topic, Men.
How fucked up are they? Really!

5 thoughts on “I was recently tagged conservative. And it didn’t affect me *flabbergasted*

  1. for the last line, "more than u know, even more when women are involved" 😛
    vibe? hesitance?? guys??? *raised eyebrows*
    sounds interesting

  2. i say this to buggy..but now i say it to you…you need to get laid :p now that shouldn\’t shock your unconservative self…;)
    for most of the time..i feel laziness to actually bother and get to know a person is what works against me.You reach a point where you aren\’t fascinated by mediocre people anymore…so you don\’t take the effort…I think that\’s a small contributing element to the whole vibe thing.

  3. only the last line registered… that\’s all i seem to have been thinking about lately.
    btw, the internet is screwing my life. im not getting any work done… hopefully ill see you online after a week… please apologise on my behalf to all my scrabulous opponents 😦

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