I wish words were not so misleading.
The vibe factor was not in reference to a particular guy…mostly..in reference to a few guys and girls I have to interact with.
(Such is life you see..compels you to be social sometimes)
The hesitance was DEFINITELY not in reference to any guy.
And Mz, if for such small reasons I need to get laid, then what will you suggest when I’ll actually whine about a guy??!!

3 thoughts on “Words.

  1. Hmmm, maybe we ignore the vibe factor in a hurry at times 😀
    Or, maybe we meet too many people to sense the vibes… mixed vibes! :-s
    Who cud tag YOU as conservative! *giggles*

  2. ahhhh the "laid" comment pulled at the "non-conservative" heart? :p Just wanted to test how conservative  you were not, you see. I know you didn\’t mean any particular guy but people in general…
    words can be quite misleading..specially comments that are high on the brevity scale like mine…tsk tsk tsking myself!!!
    I am missing perhaps a person, perhaps myself,,or perhaps a few moments..those that are not talking to me now for various undisclosed reasons. sigh.

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