Law of unfairness

So I just finished watching DDLJ over the last 2-3 days. Yes thats how my life is. I really cannot figure out how to finish one piece of work in a limited period of time. Its not that I can’t finish it, I just end up not doing a lot of other things. Its not fair to mankind in general. Dont ask how. Its the law of unfairness. Hmph

6 thoughts on “Law of unfairness

  1. Yah. sahi kaha.
    reading your prev. entry-
    SupOO, you can be conservative if you choose to, it\’s all about choices, someone had said it to me..  

  2. I can\’t watch any movies made in the nineties, I tried watching kutch kutch hota hai..but i wanted to kill Kajol for screechin when she pretended to be tomboyish,, and to think it was once upon a time one of my favourite characters.
    multi tasking sucks…but it\’s a world known fact – indians are multi-taskers.that\’s we end up doing more for less…sigh.

  3. *sigh* i never seem to figure out that one either..most of the times u jus begin sumthin n end up with half a dozen undone does that make it 13 incomplete things? 😛 chalo, better than 1 incomplete 😀 as always, i dun make sense..jus droppin by,happy livng,rh3a..

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